Dear Mr. & Mrs HP,
I bought your how to re-mouthing video and practiced all of your exercises. I have a 10 yr old appendix ex-racer who was ruined and a chronic head tosser. I learned how to re-mouth this horse and when not in a frame or sweet spot, I ride on a loose rein, one of many laws of learning this concept. I can’t believe how many people simply don’t wanna do the work to learn this concept of remounting horses.
Getting to the point as to why I contacted you. My daughter and I were looking to find her a nice all around horse. The local riding club had a sweet mare we were considering, so we took her out in the park/ trail with one of there guides. I was walking in front of them maybe several yards away and I hear screaming only to find two galloping horses running full blast at me. I stayed calm closed my Hands and moved my guy over on the grass out of harms way. With his head up and tall up the horse never moved once my hands closed. After all calmed down I said what happened? They told me a giant tree branch was breaking and was falling down upon them, spooking the horses to run away with them, who could blame them. The guide after said your horse didn’t move! I answered that’s because he has good breaks, a horse shouldn’t move once you close your hand on the reins. She just thought I was an idiot bragging. She never asked me another question about it. This work took time to learn and anyone can learn it. It isn’t easy in-the beginning, but I stuck with it and kept watching your videos. I’m so glad I did.
Thank you for helping to keep me safe.
Warm regards,
Joanna from The Empire State






This time, I have feedback from myself, to myself, regarding the O’Leary Sand Colic Preventative.

This is our Yearling Warmblood, Chestnut Colour and with RETAINED HAIRS beneath the Gut, way too long for the Foal Coat.

FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia


FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia


and here 4 Weeks later, after treatment


FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia

I rest my Case.



Thanks for the wonderful Saddle that I designed. I am so please. Carole

FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia




Hi Mr HP

I have to admit I didn’t believe that my reins would turn up the next day like you said…but they did! Had a fabulous ride with them this morning, don’t know how I’ve survived without them.So lesson learned – if you say it, then it will be so.

Thanks so much 🙂Cheers

Lol and thanks Amanda. Well done. Oil them heaps!!

stay safe


31st March.

Hey John, this is the pony you helped me with many years ago by narrowing down stifle issues and giving me the confidence to tell pursue it with a vet. Others wanted me to show him discipline and work him into the ground. The sticky ligament was surgically addressed…and here is he in the 90c SJ at the 2019 NSW interschools. Makes me so happy to see him going well with a junior. It’s the reward for all that young horse investment and trying to give a well rounded foundation for remind and body. Thanks again x

Sally Harding

FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia

Thanks Sal.






Hey John, Just thought I tell you we adverted disaster today. A mare got her back leg caught caught in the running reins strap that I left hanging and because of the Leg Restraint training she just stood there and didn’t panic. Thanks so much. Paul Dopper ( NSW Hack Judge)

Well done Paul!




This beautiful saddle was designed by a customer for her two horses, here’s her feedback: “Got my saddle home yesterday and am very impressed with the quality. Really beautiful. The mares are very comfortable and moving freely in it and it feels lovely to ride in. Looking forward to getting out for a longer ride this evening. Thanks for everything.”


FEEDBACK Horse Problems AustraliaFEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia




Message  :  Hi John , I would just like to thank you for your hobble training system . I purchased your DVD 10 years ago and have used it many times. Yesterday it saved my 2 year old palomino filly who got herself hung up in a plain wire fench . She laid calmly and had a nice nap until humans came to help . Not one hair out of place! 😊🐎 Mark Cornish






Hi John

Happy to report two more successes out of two collars purchased.  Instead of sucking wood at every opportunity, the two thoroughbreds (one a windsucker for more than 15 years) are now grazing/eating hay or relaxing.  We can’t believe it.

Have yet to try your Colic Preventative (we’re locating sources of pure honey), but I’m confident that if you say it will work, it will work!

Many thanks

John Haig





Hi Linda,

thank you so much for the ONLINE LESSON last night, it was awesome, I could really feel a big difference in the way the horse was going.

How much do I owe you?

I will book in again for the week of the 28th, I have the week off work so we can work out a time later.

Tammy Woolley
0410 600 888





Hey John

Hope you had a good New Year!

Here’s some feedback from a customer who purchased the mouthing dvd and one of Your STARTING BITS

Just to let you know the mouthing info gear answered a lot of questions and solved the young colts driving. I was starting a yearling clyde colt—he has to have a bit in for showing so was used to having a bit put in. I decided to try some mouthing /steering with the roller and side reins. By day three he was briefly giving to the bridle and then resisting—exactly what you say the fixed side rein does!!—I’m glad I found your info because I was tempted to call it typical coltish independent type!! Your bit and running reins and just one lesson on single rein yielding on both side and I actually drove him around for a very careful short distance. And he drove lightly and turned promptly. That first lesson was amazing for me and for him I hope. Many thanks, Sylvia. 

All the best



Horseproblems Saddlery NZ
fb Horseproblems Saddlery NZ



Well done Girl. Brings Joy to my Heart during a Joyous time 🙂

Happy New Year!!


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Hi Linda, awesome —– can’t wait to get —- back into work! How is 8:30your time on Thursday? Holly is looking fantastic, she has her neck muscle back! We went to the Spenser Wilton Masterclass here a couple of weeks ago and —- had won the lesson with Simone Pierce and —- was warming —- up in the same arena Simone was riding the stallion in when he had a heart attack and died underneath her. It was horrific and —- was in shock and didn’t talk for hours. It was dreadful, we thought Simmons had died as well, . I had unintentionally filmed it, the horse was not sweating, nor was he in distress, he was fit, in excellent condition and just an unfortunate tragic thing to happen.
But a lot of what Spenser taught to Robbie and Dave McKinnon was exact what you teach —. So it resonated with us and we could see relaxation and better suppleness in the horses by the end of the lessons. And it was very interesting that all of the Australian riders could not, get their horse heads below their withers, to stretch the neck. Too busy hanging on tight.
Talk soon, NSW





Imogen Kennedy Equestrian UK

So a few weeks ago we had a consultation with Meg from Horse Bit Fit, I admit I wasn’t too optimistic (mums idea) but after riding in a different bit  ( HP  Snaffle) and bridle during the consultation I could definitely feel a difference!. Now…….


27th December, 2018



Hi john,

I just wanted to say thankyou for saving my daughters ponies life. Ana was xrayed and was found to have 10 kilos of sand in her gut. After the vet’s at the Roseworthy Veterinary Hospital and Research Centre,  drenched her 4 times it wasnt working.  I decided to give your sand colic recipe a go. 2 weeks later i got her x- rayed again and there was absolutely no sand left in her gut. Its amazing !!!

Thank you so much



and another


The smaller piece was from the first dose 2 weeks ago. Check out todays gift 😱 is there a recommendation on how often i could dose my horse?

FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia



25th December, 2018


Thought you’d like to see 14 day old Peoria Sylhuoette (Ette) wearing your foal collar whilst being tied and handled by Charley. Training your methods goes like a dream. Feel free to use the photos.

FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia



20th December, 2018


FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia

FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia




17th December, 2018


Hi John, just wanted to let you know that the colt I got your foal DVD for was gelded this morning and the vet was thrilled with his excellent behaviour and manners. So glad I got your DVD and got him handled whilst still a little guy


That’s lovely Carly and I thank You. We both appreciate it! Congrats and well done. Give Him a Kiss for me!….the Colt that is 🙂



15th December, 2018



Hi John,

I have a chronic windsucker, nothing worked on him as he is smart and would figure out how to suck with the device on. That is until I ordered your collar! He doesn’t even try to suck with your collar on! So, thank you for developing a product that works and will save my horse’s teeth.

Kindest regards,

Gaby Biviano


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10th December, 2018

And to those who don’t like hobble training. Here is one of my young horses found her half way into pig yards. Been there awhile not one mark on her
Christine USA

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Hi John

Peoria Sygnify (aka Ziggy) (grey) 2 years.

Bred by us, reared here using your methods. Sold as a yearling to Belinda, Victoria, whose doing a great job taking him on.

Best. Rosemary.

FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia




7th December, 2018

Also just wanted to say a massive thanks to John, when I first came up on the website a few years back now I was after a way to halter train my soon to be new foal. John then recommended a few other videos to make the perfect foal, leg restraints tying up etc. All I can say is wow, I remember seeing a photo where one of John’s horses stood for the vet for an ultrasound and I was just amazed. Little did I know that the same foal I halter trained, leg restraint would do the exact same thing. The vet came out for a little bit of hay in her eye I put the hobbles on her and the vet had told me that he never met a yearling stand so quietly especially with someone pocking in her eye.

So for that John I will be eternally grateful and now every horse I meet will go through this process.

Thanks John and Merry Christmas to you and Mrs HP 🙂

3rd December, 2018



FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia

Halter breaking this 4+ days old colt. Your methods of course. Alarm went off by bed, mare dialed 12 midnight in dry calm conditions in an outdoor foaling paddock, then all hell broke loose with the weather, a massive thunderstorm/mino tornado. An electric tape in the next field (One of my paradise tracks) broke, crackling up in the air like a kite, mare was going silly, running newborn foal away so we stabled them immediately to ensure her taking foal away was not consolidated. Hence, they are in the stable. Today, high winds and dust storm here from Broken Hill. Handling him three times a day. We have two stables made up and alternate them twice daily to ensure clean bedding. He’s going great. I’ve been looking for your ‘foal timetable’ online. It is my bible during foaling and beyond season. I’ve mislaid my hard copy. Please can you point me to the online version. Many thanks Rosemary & Charley

Thanks Rosemary and well done as usual. Here is the updated Article. Credit to You!





Hi John, just wanted to thank you for sharing yours and Linda’s knowledge through dvds and online. I’d never of considered starting this wb mare prior to learning about your method. I’ve still have plenty to learn and practice so will just keep working on improving my skills. This was this lovely mares 4th ride and final ride in round yard before heading out and about. Thanks again

FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia


Well done Katrina. Not easy starting Warmbloods. They are dangerous and You have to be above average to do it. Great effort. Regards


Thanks have just bought the putting on the bit and leg yielding. Always looking to learn better wayd to produce a better horse and to listen to each horse. The biggest thing i learned from this horse is the importance of getting on, on the first day. By the time it was time for her first ride she was already use to me getting on and off both sides and seeing me out of the other eye.

Thanks Kat. I am very proud of working that one out and adding to the World of inventions.





30th October, 2018



You’re a truly wonderful man for helping with poor Denny, the starving American Saddlebred stallion. So good to know he is in safe hands now.

Many many thanks from us as horse lovers and breeders/trainers of Arabian/Saddlebreds.

Thanks. He had a rough deal for many Years, at the Hands of a Bogan. He know knows what Green Grass is!!!

FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia





26th November, 2018






There has been an incredible level of success with these Bits, since I altered the wonderful design of the Myler Brothers, to include the Horses from the ‘Énglish Disciplines’, like PC, Dressage etc. We are getting success stories daily now, from around the World and particularly in Britain, where Bit Fit UK have put in writing, that Horses prefer my Bits over Myler ( a big statement) but true. My testing has also found this.



Another one from an HBF Consultation today. It is your Hanging Cheek Barrell that the ended up with as the best for him: “I spent a fascinating afternoon with Claire and would strongly recommend her. Ted didn’t have any behaviour issues but I thought he was uncomfortable in the double jointed snaffle that I believed was quite mild. Due to his small mouth/ big tongue and dislike for poll pressure the bit was actually creating a lot of discomfort for him. Claire and I tried a range of bits and we watched as he lightened and became more open through his shoulders and more relaxed. When I think of how much I spend on other bits of horse kit, this is well worth the investment!”

The Consultant said: “HP Hanging cheek… difference was incredible within 10 minutes of further riding.



25th November

It is from one of my Horse Bit Fit Consultants,

The pony and rider are Trialing for the GB Squad!

The rider has ordered the bit from my website tonight.


FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia


FEEDBACK Horse Problems Australia