16th December, 2018


Congrats to my brilliant Wife, winning the Advanced with 69% and the Grand Prix with 66%. ( don’t take the Internet results as Gospel)

NEWS Horse Problems AustraliaNEWS Horse Problems Australia


6th December, 2018

Both Cappo ( in the Grand Prix) and Dolce ( F.E.I.) will be competing, again unofficial due to the state of Equestrian SA which is is now even struggling to run the State Champs) but it’s not about Ribbons for us. It’s about performance and improvement. South Vales Dressage Club in a couple of Weeks. Thanks to the lovely Club.


5th December, 2018

Equestrian SA doubtful the State Championships will be held in 2019, due to upheaval of the last 2 Years.




28th November, 2018


HP has been seconded onto a Federal Govt Committee to formalize ‘Horse Starting ‘ systems for accreditation of Young Horse Trainers in the future. Should be quite interesting 🙂

Results on my Blog. The greatest disappointment of my Career!





Results on my Blog