The following Bits are available through this Shop:

Loose Ring Snaffles with Barrel
Loose Ring Snaffles with Lozenge
Loose Ring Snaffles with Sleeves ( Barrel only)

Egg Butt Snaffles with Barrel
Egg Butt Snaffles with Lozenge

D Ring Snaffles with Barrel -with Hooks and without Hooks

FM Bits with Barrel and Lozenge

Pony FM Bits with Barrel- 90mm & 100mm Bars

Tom Thumb Bits with Lozenge and Barrel

Breaking in ( Horse Starting Bits) with lozenge and Barrel

Grazing Bits with Barrel

Pleasure Bit with Barrel

Rugby Pellham with Barrel

Showing all 3 results

Showing all 3 results