English Market Harborough – German Martingale



Hi Folks

This is one of the most useful pieces of equipment in our Tack Shed….for many reasons:

  • Contrary to a lot of thinking, they are actually far softer and protective for a Horse, from the often Bad Hands of many Novice Riders.
  • They are a hugely useful tool for us to diagnose non obvious Veterinary Problems in the Horse. One’s that Vets’ can’t put their finger on
  • Valuable for the Re-Mouthing the Horse and for introduction to ‘on the Bit’ for ‘Green Horses’
  • They are similar to ‘Training Wheels’ for Learners, removing much of the torment that occurs for Horses…..and more






English Market Harborough - German Martingale Horse Problems Australia

I am listening….are You????