HP Relief Snaffles


No. 1 in Britain


Now in stock ( Barrel only) Sizes. 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5 and 7 inches.

HP Relief Snaffles Horse Problems Australia


Hi Folks


HP Relief Snaffles Horse Problems Australia Do Your Horse a favor and leave the ‘Old Days’ behind!!!!


Having extensively tested them, by riding hundreds of challenged Horses, I made slight changes to design, in concert with the Horses giving me their opinion.

Now, as a result, the Horses around the World have spoken, with Letters such as this:



Imogen Kennedy Equestrian UK

So a few weeks ago we had a consultation with Meg from Horse Bit Fit, I admit I wasn’t too optimistic (mums idea) but after riding in a different bit  ( HP  Snaffle) and bridle during the consultation I could definitely feel a difference!. Now…….



Hi John

Some great feedback from a customer this morning:

HP Relief D Ring with Hooks: Thank you for making such a quality bit available. My young Ngati Awa type gelding has extremely fleshy cheeks and other bits pinched this tender soft tissue. His sensitive tongue did not tolerate much pressure and other bits impeded his swallow – causing a continuous out-flow of saliva during training. He “tolerated” and accepted other bits but only due to his forgiving nature. This new bit has changed everything. He drops his head and takes it from my hand like a piece of apple. The drooling has ceased. His head carriage is relaxed and signals are direct and discreet. Make no mistake – I spent a fortune on quality bits (including Myler) and I did not have great expectations. This has been a real success. Nancy

All the best

Horseproblems Saddlery NZ

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and from Bit Fit UK


” Similar to Myler, but we find Horses go even better in them”


HP Relief Snaffles Horse Problems Australia


So the Industry is progressive, driven by thinking Horse Trainers!!!