O’Leary Sand Colic Prevention Remedy (Circa 1942)

The best Prevention on the Planet – 60 Years



This was invented in 1942 by Jo O’Leary (Vet) who was training Racehorses on the Sand Hills of Naracoorte, South Australia.

I have been selling this since 2001 and saved the Lives of countless Horses and no doubt hundreds of thousands of dollars for Owners.

The last success was to save a Horse sent Home from the Vet Hospital in South Africa where we got 50 kg out of it.

Two PDF Files will come to You upon Purchase and last You a Life Time.

John O’Leary



Hi just a whole hearted Thankyou . I bought you sand colic recipe ages ago and after the long dry season we have had thought this is it time to give it a go. Followed it to the letter and very happy to say that 7 of the 10 passed loads of sand with no discomfort at all the other 3 no sand so guess they aren’t the vacuum cleaners the others are. One filly in particular been unhappy and out of sorts for some time , couldn’t be oiled due to ulcers demeaner changed literally over night her runs dried up immediately and 2 days later sand started to clear. Others sand took 2/3 days to move sand another the next day . No horses showed any discomfort. My horses are predominately paddock run with hay adlib. Have put anyone who asks onto your site . So Thankyou.
Yours Sincerely Veronica

O'Leary Sand Colic Prevention Remedy (Circa 1942) Horse Problems Australia

O'Leary Sand Colic Prevention Remedy (Circa 1942) Horse Problems Australia