Reflections of the Week Horse Problems Australia


Hi Folks,

We never stop learning and we should always question systems. Throughout my Life, I have always kept an ‘ Open mind ‘ and questioned each and every system, relying upon the Horses to judge.

Still, near retirement, I follow this rule and this Page will reflect those events of the Week, that either cement or question systems.


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3rd August 2019

As You know, we have despaired over the Years and taken plenty of flack for daring to suggest that our Judges here mark too low and are in a rutt.

Last Week, Mrs. HP rode a test in front of an International 5* Judge ( who has judged Charlotte and Valegro) and gave Cappo the highest score of his career, saying that she cannot fault his training and that he only needs one lap or trot and Canter and go right into the test :).

I rest my Case 🙂


Reflections of the Week Horse Problems Australia

25th July, 2019

The lack f Professionalism within the Horse Industry astounds us and frustrates us as well. I doubt it can ever change!! I cringe, when I have to send the majority of the aggrieved Horses that come through my Hands, have to leave and go Home. It is often sad and I swear, they feel so sad…….as do I…… Reflections of the Week Horse Problems Australia




18th July, 2019


It’s been going on for Years now. Horse after Horse through my Hands, for assessment and then re-education, started by the “Joddie Boys” as I call them. Trainers from the “English Disciplines”. Yet again, Yesterday, the next one. The Buyer can’t get it going.

An unacceptable Mouth, presenting Dangers to Riders and increased Insurance Premiums likely. They would be highly advised to move on from their British Roots.


Reflections of the Week Horse Problems Australia


1st July, 2019




The review into Equestrian South Australia, has begun, with the Government representative David Fishel conducting many interviews of Members of the Organization.

Meanwhile, nothing changes and the ‘Old Walruses’ of the Industry, continue on with their power plays behind the scenes. Little hope is held.

My prediction is that Clubs will more and more go it alone, eventually making Equestrian South Australia null and void.



This Week, we got our renewal and yes, up go the prices again. I requested an official explanation from the Company and it was that Insurance for all things Horse, must go up, because of the percentage of Claims keep increasing.

For 18 Years, I have been predicting this and the reason still is, that there is no balance struck, within the Curriculum of Pony Club or Equestrian, to promote HORSEMANSHIP ( The Art of reading the future with Risk Management in mind)

Each Week, I have examples of injuries caused by a lack of teaching of ‘Horsemanship’, actually every Day of my Life. It’s incredible.

This Week, we have news of the EA Coach who tied a Horse to a RAIL. Horse pulled back, Rail broke of course ( as all do) and smacked Coach in back of Head, requiring an Ambulance. Up go my Fees Reflections of the Week Horse Problems Australia




Speaking of Rails, here we have another one and what is being taught here, is for the innocent of our Industry, watching Youtube to learn, being placed at serious Risk by those who should know better, but don’t.

Scientists need to go back to the Laboratory and get out of things Horsemanship!!!!





16th April, 2019

The Age of growing conventionally chosen Trees, for Wind Brakes or Hedges on Horse Properties, ( at least in South Australia) is over.

Thought should urgently me given, to what other species will survive the Summers like this one.

I have chosen that Tree ( something Councils will be shocked by as it is a Pest) the Olive. I am planting Olive Trees, to become Hedges and to cope with the Ages.

Reflections of the Week Horse Problems Australia


18th March, 2019


” Don’t ever attempt to interfere with a Horse that is Pulling back. You risk serious injury or Death!!!!!!!!!!!!! “



3rd February, 2019


A few Months ago, on the Premium Portal, I wrote an article about the only Dressage Training system that protects and enhances the Body and Mind of the Horse.

I am reminded this Week, by a visiting ‘Problem Horse’ just how true this is for if a Dressage Horse is ridden via a style of contact via both reins, it cannot be successful, happy or sound.

29th January, 2019



The numerous cases of Professional Trainer here and around the Country, who are acting unprofessional by keeping Horses more than 3 Weeks, not allowing Owners to ride the finished product and indeed, not advising Owners, WITHIN 7 DAYS, that the Horse may not suit them, allowing the Owner to make decisions that may affect their Bank balance or their safety. Owners don’t realize it but they have a right to Legal relief, in many of these Cases

I am not recommending the average 3 Weeks that we took to hand over Horses, up to 6 Weeks is fine, but we MUST fully alert and advise any Owner, if we run into a suspect Horse that we feel will present problems for them going forward. Let them make the decision, early!


20th January, 2019


It is a common theme, when Trainers of the “Énglish Roots”, start a Horse, the Horses are  Invariably “Head Tossers” I see it regularly and Today. The other attribute they almost always come, is the integrity of both the front Mouth and the Lateral Mouth, being substandard when judges against good mouths.

The Reason is the ‘Contact’ that comes at a stage too early for a “Green Horse’ and therefore teaching them ‘Learned Resistance’ and ‘Learned Helplessness ‘

Go here if you want the ‘Green Horse System’ that will not start off your Young Horse down the wrong path.

Riding And Training The Green Horse


29th December, 2018


If a Horse is not taught to ‘back up ‘during the starting process, it can never have a 10/10 Mouth.


If  a Horse doesn’t learn that there is more than one direction to travel in Life, at the start, it only has thoughts of forward. That neglects to put within it’s Brain, the ‘hesitation’ that is so valuable when it comes to putting the brakes on. ‘Hesitation’ is one of the most important ingredients of the good Mouth.

I am still getting one a Week, recently started and with Mouths of 3 and 4 out of 10 but Accounts of $3,000 for the work.



24th December, 2018



The use of Side Reins during the starting process, ruins Mouths and can only ever produce a Mouth between 3-4/10

The use of Side Reins puts a ‘false frame’ on the ‘Green Horse’, something we don’t want when we arrive on the Arena.

That it is of concern that International Horse Trainers, ( Britain) are only producing Mouths of 3/10 and People are regularly getting Bucked off.





Paid for visiting Horses, SHOULD NEVER be injured unless completely accidental and without any negligence.





This is a concerning and regular occurrence, threatening the Lives and Bodies of all and often risking the on-going Career of the Horse as well as the loss of huge money.

This Week, 2 of them and simply caused by the integrity of the Mouthing systems.